Friday, October 10, 2008

Life is Weird

I was out on my afternoon run today, taking my usual route down a local walking trail. It was, like I said, the afternoon, so I was surprised to see a man in broad daylight turn just off the trail and face away, his hands and legs in the universal male pose that indicates an intention to urinate. He stopped in this procedure long enough to gesture at the path ahead of me, pointing out a stray dog turd. I nodded in gratitude and made the appropriate adjustment to my direction. He returned to the business at hand.
That was nice of him, I guess.

It bears repeating: life is weird.

Later Days.

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Peter_Applebaulm said...

Emily Post is pretty clear on the subject of public urination: she's against it. The problem is in just where one determines to draw the line across that graduated continuum that divides the "public" from the "private." It turns out that the exact cut-off is a factor of of the pressure (in psi) exerted upon the subject's bladder.