Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Comic Book Wednesday: Redux for a Web-Slinger

A fourth entry is clearly embarking on a slippery slope, but... this was too good to pass up.
Invincible Iron Man 7. by Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca. After the destruction of the previous issues, Tony Stark AKA Iron Man is at his breaking point. Good thing Spider-Man has swung in for a good old fashioned team-up. Good lord, is it ever. Among others, the pair fight the Big Wheel. No one, no one, says "Wacky 70s hijinx" like the Big Wheel. Fraction also uses the team-up to its full extent. Spider-Man, with his recent past literally stripped away, makes a perfect advocate for the good old days when heroes teamed up and fought bad guys. Iron Man, on the other hand, can't get past his responsibilities at SHIELD, the aftermath of Civil War, or any number of events that define the current Marvel universe. It's a wonderful, almost meta commentary on how comic books have evolved, and whether where they are now is a place worth going to. Fraction ties this all together with a comparison to Cliffton Pollard that maybe, maybe is reaching a little. But it's got the Big Wheel. How can you hate a supervillain whose sole purpose is to burst (roll) into a room in his ridiculous costume spouting something like "You can't fire me! I'm the Big Wheel!"
You can't. You just can't.
Later Days.

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