Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Anarchist or Communist?

This is tangentially related to my last post, but separate enough that I decided to put it... separately. (Logical, right?)
When discussing the availability of books for the 18th century course, the professor remarked that it is possible to arrange it so that the name of the person who borrowed it comes up under a public search, presumably to avoid the rounds of "I recalled it, no I recalled it."
"However," he concluded, "I have to say, I'm not really comfortable with everyone being aware of my reading habits."
Which was fair enough. The interesting part was my first, off-the-cuff response: Oh, so it's so much better that your reading habits are in the hands of the ruling elite?
First of all, it's probably telling that I consider the people who work at the library as the ruling elite. Second, it raised what I'll leave as an open question: does this thought imply anarchist leanings, or communist leanings?

Oh, and since it's Inauguration Day and I'm all about leeching off the popularity of real people of consequence, let's start asking unfair, loaded questions:
Is Barak Obama more a communist, or a socialist?

Later Days.

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