Saturday, June 20, 2009

Short Two: And an Era Ended

Remember how I never won a co-rec league never, ever, ever? Remember this? Well, today, we had three ball games. The first scheduled game we were, well, throttled. I think we lost 15-1. Then, because we had an hour to kill, we played a non-league game with the other team. Again, throttled. The third game... a win. Finally, a win. And we were finally against a team that was roughly our skill level. And I can proudly say I pulled my weight. I went from outfielder and catcher to second baseman, which plays to my strength. My strength being that I can't throw a damn ball more than 10 feet. Oh, wait, that's the other thing. Weakness. But by being infield, I can actually contribute something meaningful--I made two outs. Yeah. Take that, past 26 years of physical inferiority! Anyway, the main reason we won is our allstar player I alluded to earlier, but I think all of us made a contribution. (I know we did; one less player, and we would have forfeited.)

So, the streak is broken, the curse is lifted. Bring on the women, dancing, and wine. (That's how victory works, right?)

Later Days.


Anonymous said...

not wine, cocaine

Person of Consequence said...

Yes... My mistake, clearly...