Sunday, July 19, 2009

0 for 3

I needed another two books for my postcolonial paper, so I head on over to the U of Blank to pick them up from the library. Unfortunately, it turns out the U of Blank library closes at 5:00 on Sundays during the summer. More unfortunately, I didn't think to look this up before I left my house at 6. Well, I thought, if I can't pick up those books, at least I can get the ones I left in my office. No I can't, because I left my keys at home. Thoroughly frustrated, I turned to a vending machine so that I could at least assuage my angst with chocolate goodies. Guess who forgot their money at home?

Sigh. It's amazing I remembered the bike, frankly. And thank goodness I've taken to wearing a spare housekey around my neck, or things would have been much, much worse then a slight delay on some paragraphs in my paper.

Later Days.

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