Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Give me a head with LESS hair

It's a momentous day--26 years ago, a Baby of Consequence was born. How am I celebrating, you may ask? Well, I got a haircut. My family has been politely suggesting--and loudly insisting--that I do something about my shaggy dog look, and I have. No more goatee, scraggly facial hair, dangling forehead locks, and oh-so-delightful sideburns. We're back to the clean cut look, a perfect way of saying look out world, I've got a new haircut.

Beyond that, I turned in my Art and Persuasion paper and took out the first four books on my comprehensive exam, Lit Theory. Not a one of them was written in the last millennium, so this should be some fun reading. (I'm not even sure myself whether I intend for that to be sarcastic or not. I love me a good Greek/Roman legend, but after Timeaus, I know that reading Plato sometimes means 40 straight pages of "the third thing which is like unto a field, but neither one nor the other."

This seems like a good a time as any for a status check on my New Years resolutions. Let's see...
--I want to find an agent for my novel. I've been sitting on it for nearly two years now; enough's enough. It's time to get that masterpiece out there. Well, I've got a lovely collection of email rejection notes. Perhaps I may be one of those artists whose genius is never recognized in its own time. I'll keep trying, though!

--I'm going to try to stick to my exercise routine a little more stringently. I had been planning on starting this one in December, but considering that most of December in my home province averaged at about -27 degrees, there was a minimum amount of running accomplished. Well, you can hardly jog with lots of snow around, so really, I couldn't get started until March. Then it was the end of term in April, so that was a wash. Classes started in May again, so I wanted to get into the swing of things before adding more to the routine. And then it was June, and I didn't want to start anything before my trip home. Then it was end of the Spring/Summer term... All right: bottom line, I've gone jogging and done my exercises for every day so far in August. We'll see where we go from there.

--More romantic conquests! Hey, gotta start at some point, right?
Ha. Ha, ha, ha. This involves a series of stories that are not getting broadcast over the internet. Suffice to say, the last few months have shown the most effort I've ever put into this area to date (pun intended). And results have been mixed. By which I mean entirely negative. But now I've got a sexy new haircut, so look out, ladies.

--I want to watch more TV. Because there needs to be something on this list I'm actually going to do.
Done, and done. Go Team Person!

So that's 1 for 4. But hey, there's five months left. Plenty of time to turn things around. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some birthday reading to do, concerning a certain Longinus fellow and his thoughts on the Sublime.

Later Days.


Anonymous said...
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Andre said...

Yep. I know how both the second and third resolutions go. Keep at it, and good luck, I suppose.