Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Comic Panel Wednesday: Yeah, I'll Be Honest--Totally Not Trying Today

In honour of Green Irish Drinking Day, here's Shamrock, the super-powered Irish girl, from Marvel's Contest of Champions. According to Wikipedia,Shamrock is possessed by the souls of thousands of victims of wars who manifest themselves as poltergeists which affect probability within a 20-foot radius of her, altering situations so that she is given an advantage. In essence having "The Luck of the Irish". Which makes them the most depressing luck-based power in the superhero pantheon, at least until Scarlet Witch went insane.

Now, if you haven't done so already, go out there and drink something green.

*UPDATE: Thursday Run.
Distance: 7.6 km
Time 1 hr
Average Speed: 7.6 km/hr

Super slow, I know, but in my defense, I took a detour and spent about 20 minutes walking around the park. There were geese and swans and bunnies and horsies and people playing Frisbee golf. 's cool.

Later Days.

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Ryan said...

That picture no-a work