Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Quotations: Checking Out Triad

"I'm putting this whole fucking town in my rear view." -- Doug MacRay, The Town

And the couples walk by and they give me the eye
But that’s not what I want. I walk
Around the block and never come back one day
I walk around the block and never come back one day.
--"The Couples" by The Long Blondes

(I was going to post a youtube of the song, but the sound quality was just awful. So here's the youtube of another song from the album that I really like. It doesn't really fit with today's theme, but, well, we can't have everything.)

"It could, she thinks, be deeply comforting; it might fee so free: to simply go away. To say to them all, I couldn't manage, you had no idea; I didn't want to try anymore. There might, she thinks, be a dreadful beauty to it, like an ice field or a desert in early morning. She could go, as it were, into that other landscape; she could leave them all behind... in this battered world (it will never be whole again, it will never be quite clean), saying to one another and to anyone who asks, We thought she was all right, we thought her sorrows were ordinary ones. we had no idea.

She strokes her belly. I would never. She says the words out loud in the clean, silent room: 'I would never.'" --The Hours, by Michael Cunningham

Well, that went a little morbid, didn't it?
Have a good weekend, folks!

Later days.

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KIRTY said...

I just wanted to say,your 'about me' paragragh...really made me laugh!!Best description I have come across yet.