Saturday, September 20, 2008

Open For Business

Now that I've made some tentative first steps towards "cultivating an audience," I think we should take a moment to state the intentions behind this little project. As mentioned in the "about me" box, this blog is part of a class project, and as such needs to reflect issues that come up when one is publishing one's life story online. And now that I've been given this opportunity to share my innermost thoughts and ideas, I am left with one burning question: what the bejabbers am I going to talk about? I do believe it's time to do a little market research. So, underdeveloped audience, what would YOU like to see appear on this blog? Pictures of the new city? Detailed political commentary? Childhood anecdotes? It's wide open! Post any and all suggestions below.

If no suggestions are forthcoming, then I will grow very depressed and cynical and spend the next few days blogging about socks. Yes, that's a threat.

*Edit* Additionally, if anyone has preferences for setting or layout, feel free to comment on that too. */Edit*

Later Days.


Anonymous said...

Nice blogstart, PoC. I look forward to seeing where you go with it. (More obscenities! Hells yeah!)

When I first left Somewhere Else I felt a bit sad and discombobulated for like a month. After two months I couldn't imagine ever going back.

Ooo. Some blogadvice. I'd definitely recommend getting statcounter set up on here. Then you can counter-stalk all the people who are stalking you. It's very satisfying.

Person of Consequence said...

Damn right! The statcounter is totally coming, once I figure out how to you know, make it come.