Monday, January 26, 2009

Today, I Became a Man...

Three Items to Discuss:
* ...because, after twenty-five long years, I finally opened my own bank account. Yes, I had one before, but it was back in my home province. So for the past five months, I've been using nothing but debit for all transactions, paying my bills online, and direct-depositing my earnings. That's worked fine, and it's a handy excuse for why I don't pay the tip, but as Michael Caine once said, a man should have more than a dollar in his wallet. The turning point came when the university decided to pay my teaching scholarship for the term in the form of a check, rather than a deposit. Since my own bank was, again, thousands of kilometers away, I opened a bank account. A few hours ago, in fact. A very young girl walked me through the steps, and suddenly, I was now pecuniarily matured.

Gender studies specialists in the crowd: feel free to speculate on the reasons for which I associate masculinity with financial savings.

* For those of you eagerly waiting the next installment in the ongoing love/hate relationship between me and my bicycle, I walked it into the shop on Saturday. The total cost was $50--15 for the actual tube change, and 35 for the new tire. As the clerk amply demonstrated, the tire was practically in shreds at this point, so a replacement was necessary. And frankly, it was worth it--I can't believe the difference in speed. It's shaving 10 minutes off my commute per day. Now, suppose my time was worth $10/h. (It could happen.) That means that after I make 21 trips on my bike to the university and back, it'll have paid for itself. (Fuzzy math is the best kind of math.)

* I confuse Burn Notice with Death Note. Fans of either are invited to berate me.

Later Days.

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