Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Maybe You're Coming Off Desperate.

So there's this, I don't know, this "thing" going around Facebook these days. It's pretty simple: you get tagged, you write 25 things about yourself in a note, you tag 25 people, and they do the same.

Honestly, it's kind of annoying. I was kind of hoping that as we progressed down the information highway, we could leave things like a new equivalent of the e-chain-letter behind us. (I was also hoping we could leave the metaphor "information highway" behind us, but what can I say? You let in one early 2000 internet theme, you open the floodgates.) At least this ignores the phony "consequences" part--there's no penalty for failing to tag. On the other hand, you don't get the touching story about how a little old woman passed the chain letter on and the next day she fulfilled her life long dream of becoming a Norweigan folk singer. So that part's a toss up.

I haven't been tagged yet myself, and I'm greatful, frankly. I mean, if I feel the urge to cite random facts about myself that walk the line between boring and TMI, well, that's what the blog's for. I'm glad I don't have to do one. It's a real time killer, too. I mean 25 points takes a lot of effort, and by nineteen or so, you're resorting to things like "my nickname is Bubbles." It's more time-wasting nonsense that Facebook is, rightfully, famous for. Not to mention a symptom of the "I'm so interesting" modern culture that encourages everyone and their pet monkey to start a blog, or write a zine, or write a blog on their zine concerning their pet monkey. Some people don't HAVE 25 interesting things to say about themselves, and encouraging them is not a good idea. So I'm glad I don't have to do one.


Later Days.

P.S. I see great things ahead for the "desperation" tag. It's going places, baby.


Anonymous said...

It's just that the people who like you, Bubbles, are too lazy to do the thing themselves. You need keener friends.


Person of Consequence said...

You mean, there's an answer that isn't about me? Well, it's counter-intuitive, but all right.