Friday, March 25, 2011

A Statement of Intent: Bleary Edition

An intent simple in statement, if not execution: I will not go to bed until I finish reading Volume 2 of Bernard Stiegler's Technics and Time, and post a full, ludicrously full, review on this blog.

I assume physical exhaustion of staying up will play well off the mental exhaustion of reading.
Stay tuned.

7:48 pm: 30 pages of notes so far. 15 pages of Stiegler's text left to annotate.

8:42 pm: Nearly an hour later. 31 pages of notes, and 5 pages left of text. End in sight, etc. Only two subheadings to go!

9:27 pm: Done the notes. Now, to write up a chapter summary.

10:16 pm. Done the chapter summary. God, how did that take an hour? I mean, it is two single spaced pages long, but... never mind, answered my own question. I'm going to see if there's still a bus home; I'll do the blog post next, but after "supper."

Later Days.

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