Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Collection, of course, would be called "Good Grief."

Back when I was a starry-eyed MA with hopes and dreams a non-expanding waist line, I dabbled in creative writing. God help me, I dabbled in poetry. Particularly, I had an idea that I'd do a collection of poems that was based on reflections on the characters from Peanuts. I only finished two poems (sadly, the world will never hear the wonder of "I Am the Pig Pen.). One is titled "The Little Red-Haired Woman" and the other I'm going to share today. I'd like to put some heavy caveats in front: first, I really don't get poetry, generally, and I think this reflects that. Second, it really works better as a spoken poem, when I can add some inflection and emphasis. And third, I'm really very bad at poetry. And with that...

I Love Lucy
Lucy is a bad sister.
She berates her brothers’ blankets and knocks over their blocks.
She gives orders that Must Not Be Denied.
She plays the big sister card so often, it’s the only one in the deck.
Years from now, Lucy is the sister you only see at weddings and funerals.

Lucy is a bad friend.
She misses the catch, and makes excuses.
She takes your money, and gives bad advice.
She always pulls the ball away.
Lucy is the friend you can’t afford to trust.

Lucy is a bad person.
She kicks dogs and picks on children.
She is bossy and crabby and mean.
She is pride without humility.
Lucy is the devil before the fall.

But every day, after Lucy mocks her brothers,
after Lucy ridicules her friends,
after Lucy alienates herself,
She goes to a man with a piano and asks him to love her
more than his music.

And she knows.
She knows what the answer will be,
Better than she knows herself.
Every day, Lucy’s heart is broken.
And every day,
This creature of hate and anger and rage and fear
And jealousy and arrogance and human
goes home
and dreams of someone who will not dream of her.

It's sort of a clumsy ending, but... eh. Not the worst thing I've done.

Later Days.


Anonymous said...

I never noticed Lucy's obsession with the piano playing dude. He IS a cutie. Interesting that you picked up on that and gave a little depth and nuance to a character who, for the most part, is one-dimensional and wholly disagreeable, unlikeable. Nod of approval.

Anonymous said...

Good Charlie Brown mood music, that I happened to find just now. Enjoy!

Person of Consequence said...

Lucy, for me, is the perfect example of a Peanuts character: they seem really basic, to the point of caricature, but each one has this individual element that makes them more than just their one word labels. Lucy is a bully, yes, but it's not the only thing she is. And I like being reminded of that.