Sunday, April 8, 2012

Learning my A, B,--see what that celebrity said about his neighbor's summer home?

I've been getting into Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchelli's recently (as in, within the last year) finished comic series, DMZ.  It's about an alternate reality where the US recently fell into a civil war, and Manhattan has become a DMZ between the two sides.  The hows and whys, I assume, will be dealt with eventually, but in the beginning stages, Wood and Burchelli have been focusing more on portraying what everyday life would be like in the zone. Viktor Shklovsky coined the term "defamiliarization" to describe how you could distance an audience from a familiar scene by presenting it in an unfamiliar way, and thus open them to a new perspective--tell a scene from the POV of a cockroach, for example.  DMZ is follows the opposite approach, in that it attempts to familiarize Western readers with demilitarized zones by moving one into the United States.  On that level, it can be extremely troubling to read.

..Okay, the real reason I find it hard to read is that DMZ keeps getting confused in my head with TMZ, the celebrity gossip site, and every time that happens, I feel like a terrible human being for just knowing about its existence.  But the first thing has a better ring to it.

Later Days.

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