Sunday, September 2, 2012

Where have the Bibliophiles gone?

So here's the answer to a question no one's asked: what happened to the Bibliophile feature?  Well, what happened is that it's fallen victim to repeated bad timing.  I missed one week because it happened the day after our "last party at the old house" party, and I was simply not in a great state for bibliographic functioning.  And I missed the subsequent week because I was working trying to get my stuff together for the move on Tuesday.  Will a post happen today?  ...Maybe.  I do think the posts are valuable, to me if no one else, but they take A LOT of time and effort.  Sundays are rarely entirely days of rest for me, and those extra few hours are valuable.  That said, I've actually made the picks for the next post, so it's just a matter of writing my thoughts.  That's doable.  Maybe.

Later Days.

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