Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Random Quotations: Oh That's Right, I Used to Do These

"On this trip two distinct sides of my personality struggled for dominance. In one respect I had never been in a more scientific and skeptical frame of mind. Under the influence of acquaintances, I had become a zealous (though temporary) devotee of the living German thinker Thmas Metzinger, who reduces all problems of philosophy to questions of the brain. His Being No One, that remorseless opus magnum, now emboldened me to scoff at the assorted ghosts, fairies, and unicorns that filled the philosophies of the unlearned, with the their fear of scientific rigor. At times this new standpoint even awoke a spirit of physical assertion: though it was highly out of character, I remember once feeling the wish to shove several priests as they passed by me on a sidewalk in Chennai." --Graham Harman, Circus Philosophicus

I'm reading through this book; there should be a proper review up shortly, as it's a brief read at 80 pages or so.  For now: man, Harman's weird.

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