Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Quotations: Choose A New Quotation Day

The name of the head of research is Pherantz. He tells you that there is an infinity of knowledge stored within all living things from countless past experiences. It sounds crazy, but then you just can't tell. You wonder if your really can call on experiences from past lives. Are there flashes of memory locked in your cells? Are there dreams you have of places you have never been, things you have never done, people you do not know, actually experiences from a past life bubbling up within you looking for a way out? Maybe dreams are a real thing. You sense a feeling of calm in the philosopher.
 "Remember my friend, all travel in space accomplishes little. We end where we begin. Parallel lines cross! Time is not real. Try to make the past the present!"
--Choose Your Own Adventure #4: Space and Beyond by R. A. Montgomery
I bought this from a book sale last Saturday for a quarter. I found these books kind of annoying as a kid, but now, they just strike me as ridiculous, surrealist nonsense. I read the whole thing with a grin on my face. You stay home and study instead of going into outer space? OF COURSE you're going to get the ability to travel through time. What else would happen?

I'll be in Toronto for Friday, so I figured I'd do the quotations thing now.  You can probably forget about the Bibliophile this week, though.

Later Days.

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