Monday, October 21, 2013

A Post About Nothing

Obviously, we've hit a bit of a blogging slump. I can't even claim it's because of the dissertation, because that's in a slump too. About two weeks ago now, I went back to Saskatchewan for my brother's wedding. And it was great--a very short trip, but I saw literally dozens of people I haven't seen in years. It's always nice to reconnect with family and friends, even if it's a moment or two.

Thing is, it was the mental touchpoint for my fall term. That is, every time I envisioned the future for the past few months leading up to it, it was the clear stopping point. What am I doing in this fall? I'm going home for the wedding. Home the wedding. Home for the wedding. And now that we're past that moment, I find myself a little adrift. The secret, I think, will be to design a series of mini-goals for the dissertation, to push me past that last little hump. Hopefully, that'll suffice to get me out of these duldrums.

The alternative is that I'm not unmotivated, I'm just lazy. Little less you can do with that. Maybe I could bribe myself to finish the dissertation with naps, and the promise of more naps to come.

Later Days.

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