Friday, January 17, 2014

Take a Note

Some time ago, I discovered the note app on my iPhone. Every now and then, I remember it exists, and put it to use. I never, ever remember to consult it, though. I just add more things. This tendency has created some very bizarre, contextless nonsense. Here's the picks of the litter:

Hands of two people walking in side profile

Savoury Savior

Child as difference between stroller and walker

video game gambling systems Fargo rock city

hip monk chipmunk

The secret in their eyes. Weird Science. Cosmopolis

What's Jane Jensen doing now? Seems like there's a market for a new G *Knight game.
Which is basically what she's doing with her new game, Moebius.

Skyward sword twilight link games and text sexward sword. Heh.

Avadon fascism pariahs

Naked twine jam

talk more about games we haven't played

dick pic advice

Technics of Media Analysis

Idea: Chrono Kitty

Remember this feeling. This ache. Never again.

Later Days.

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