Thursday, April 1, 2010

Comic Panel Wednesday: If You Think This Portrays Odd Values, Let Me Tell You About the TIme Ms Marvel Fell In Love With Her Son

The page of the week is, this time, a cover.

It's very moody, isn't? It's Wolverine, but he's on a throne! And he's wearing a cape! And looking pensive! And about to be eaten by a throne monster!
Anyway, if the image was really an image of Wolverine sitting on a throne, it would be a fairly compelling image. Wolverine's character is the epitome of the brooding loner, and to think he'd seize a dark power, well, that's interesting, right? Problem is, that's not Wolverine. It's his son, Daken.

Wolverine has a son. And a daughter, named X-23. They're both fairly merciless killers, so he should probably do something about that. Or be proud. It's something of a trend--in a similar fashion, Hulk has three children at the moment--the Savage She-Hulk, Skaar, and and a fellow by the name by Shiro-Kala. The idea behind the Marvel Family thing baffles me. Does making them spawn really make Wolverine and Hulk more interesting? They're characters known for, well, slicing and hitting. Are the slicing and hitting fans really looking for Father Knows Best type stories?

It seems like a lazy way to make new characters, frankly. Rather than develop origin, or motivation, or think up a new power--well, let's just give them kids. The only advantage I can think of is that the new characters get to leech off the popularity of the existing ones. So they're gambling that this will expand the line, rather than overextend it.

It's an interesting theory, I guess. But all I can think of is looking at that cover, seeing a violent, costumed figure with delusions of grandeur, and being disappointed that it wasn't MY Wolverine.

Later Days.


Ryan said...

I thought X-23 was a clone of Wolverine, not his daughter.

Person of Consequence said...

Until someone explains to me how you make a female clone of a male, I'm sticking with "daughter."