Tuesday, April 20, 2010

random junk

More postings soon, honest.

For now, three things I learned today:
1) The shorts I'm wearing are indeed exactly the right length so that if I bike with my wallet in the front pocket, it will slip out and spill cards into the street. Good to know.

2) Just because you can run 12 k at 5:30 am doesn't mean you should.

3) Just because you can spend seven straight hours reading Kittler doesn't mean you should. Also, beware buribunks. I'm serious about that. They're bad news.

Later Days.

Seriously, buribunks.


Cait said...

2) WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? Though I may not be one to talk. I've taken to running sometime between 11pm and midnight most nights.

Also, my word verification is "geekl."

Person of Consequence said...

"Will anyone ever write a blog to discuss odd running times, comic books, and Dr Who? I bet some geek'll."

I like evening runs, too. My problem is that once I get home from a day's work, the motivation to get outside is much less. Either option, though, is less insane than doing long distance running during midday in the summer, with heat ranges in the 20s. It took me years to figure out *that* brilliant piece of deduction.