Thursday, March 19, 2009

Really, the real winners are the viewers at home.

The English Department Awards ceremony was today. I went, not because I was receiving any sort of award, but because of the promise of free food.

And there was. So in a way, I too was a winner. (And in another, more actual way, I was not.)

The purpose of the award ceremony is to acknowledge the students in the department who strive. Those who do their best to excel, and further not just their own pursuits, but the understanding and excellence of our entire field. They are the intellectual elite, the cream of the crop. Quite simply, the best and the brightest.

Meanwhile, I forgot my mitts today, and there's no way I was going to risk hypothermia by biking home gloveless (oh, my bike's fixed.). So while the best and the brightest were receiving their accolades, I was biking home with a toque on one hand and a sock on the other.

All humour aside, I'm proud to be working in a department where I can count these best and brightest as being among my colleagues. But in a perverse manner, I am also proud that these best and brightest must count among their colleagues me.

Yeah. Yeah, take that.

Later Days.

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