Monday, March 9, 2009

Three Follow-Up Items, Mostly Depressing

I started a new post for this, because it's really not the first impression I want to give people who wandered here looking for a movie review. Three things:
1) It just struck me as I was typing out that review that even though I counted more comic book fans among my friends in Someplace Else, I would never have gone to see Watchmen with them, but I had no compunction inviting myself along in Blank. And I'm not sure why that is. It's certainly not the caliber of friends; I know they would have welcomed me (or, at least, tolerated me to the same extent.) Rather, the difference is with me. I always felt that I was imposing myself in such situations. I don't know why that's changed, but expect many emo-filled posts on the subject in the future.
2) Remember when I said I sent out my query letter for the first time? Well, on Friday, I received my very first rejection letter. It sucks, and I'm going to send out the next batch tomorrow, but a part of me is just impressed that they've got such a quick turn-around time. They may not have the best taste in books, but at least they're efficient.
3) Events tonight have proven certain stock phrases to be false. Honesty is most definitely not the best policy. No, it is not. Luckily, the one that goes "things look better in the morning" will probably fix things.

Later Days.


Kate said...

Remember, you're not a writer unless you can paper your home with rejection letters. You should get an agent, though, that seems to be the best road to it.

Person of Consequence said...

Oh, I agree. Sadly, it's the agents I'm getting the rejection letters from...

Kate said...

Then you're heading in the right direction! Most wannabe-authors I know just send mss. to publishers willy-nilly; you know you need an agent. And I know many-many writers who later did get book deals who got rejected by any number of agents. Getting an agent is like the first step in getting a SSHRC (getting it out of the university). It's hard, it will probably take a lot of tries before you get it, but then your chances of getting over the next hurdle (accepted by publisher/funded by SSHRC) gets easier even as your competition gets tougher. Hang in there!