Monday, April 20, 2009

A Happy Tedium (?)

I turned in my final paper of the term, which means I am now a free agent until May, when the next term starts. This is somewhat of a daunting proposition, as I have absolutely nothing to do from now till then. Traditionally, I don't handle this lack of structure well. During the year I wrote my thesis, I had to keep myself focused with a number of little tasks: I was auditing two courses, I was TAing a first year English course, and I was marking two third year math courses. And I was still bored for long stretches.

I realize that having too little to do is not big on the list of pressing world issues, and many, if not most, people will rightfully resent me if I dwell too long on this topic. (The PoC from three weeks ago, for example, would probably cheerfully throttle me, with little to no regard for the implications of the time-space violations.) I just want to spend this time doing something productive--something I can look back on without thinking, "Man, that was a waste." I suppose now would have been the perfect time for a trip back west, but I've already booked that for the first week of June, to go to a friend's wedding. (Oh--that reminds me: Family. Guess what? I'm going to back from June 4 to June 8th! Can I bunk with you? You don't mind, right?) So we'll have to find something else--preferably something that's not "and then he played video-games for 8 straight days."
I think I'll be okay, though. As long as I don't start doing weird and abnormal things out of sheer boredom.

You know what tastes good on pizza? Banana slices.

Later Days.

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