Monday, April 6, 2009

Sorry, sorry....: Update Part 1

Once again, I've fallen behind in blogging duties. This changes now. Things have been very hectic of late, so I'll try to summarize. First:
HORRIBLE BIKE NEWS. I think it's about time this got its own tag, don't you? Anyway, the latest disaster came when the bike--fell over. That's it, that's all that happened. It fell over in exactly the wrong manner, and the chain got tangled in the little space between the wheel and the shifter. An hour of effort, and tangling the chain up even further in the attempt, convinced me that, no, this falls quite squarely under the category of things I can't fix myself. It's not like I could have ridden my bike anyway, since Blank is under a heavy-snow fall today (that's right, snow at the beginning of April, I brought Saskatchewan weather patterns with me), but it's still annoying.
I complained about my frequent bike malfunctions to a friend, and he commented that I should just buy a car already. I gaped at him in horror. Personally, I am convinced that I project a human entropy field that destroys mechanical objects. (Before you dismiss this out of hand, ask my parents how much they paid in repairs to the Dodge Stratus while I was living with them.) I can only imagine the horrible things that would happen to a car I owned solely.
School Work Frustration.
But it's basically gotten to the point now where the bicycle problems are so routine that they can't even hope to take the title of "worst disaster of the week." That title came last Monday. I had spent approximately 20 hours over the past two days working on my 35-slide presentation for my English class. (I know that seems like a lot, but since it was a hypertext, I was assuming we'd never get to about half the slides to begin with.) I left in a hurry that day, but I distinctly remember thinking "you know, if I lost this memory stick, I would be horribly, horribly screwed."
Guess what happened on the way home?
So I wound up back at the school a few hours later, starting the 35 slides again, from scratch. Fun. More fun came with coping with the loss of the other files I had on the stick: my novel, my MA thesis, and my students' grades for the term. Problems resulted. (Long story short: all solved now.)
Then, last Wednesday, the morning of my presentation, the aforementioned bike disaster ensued. For reasons that were not entirely clear, it seemed God aws deadset against me giving this presentation. So, I walk to school, get chased about four blocks by a really large canine (although given the size and breed, it may have been an errant wolf), and finally make it to my office in time to change into my suit. (That was my one act of foresight: assuming that something would go horribly wrong over the next few days, I had been bringing pieces of my suit into my office for the past week. As it turned out: wise decision.)
Then I gave my presentation, and did fine, because despite all the setbacks placed in my way by canines, my own stupidity, and the Almighty, I am really good at what I do.

Further updates in the second post.

Later Days.

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