Friday, August 21, 2009

You Know, This Would Have Been A Lot Easier If I Had Remembered to Look For a Quote in My Last Seven Solid Days of Reading Big Textbooks...

...So, since I don't want to work very hard, you're getting a random Bloom quotation, and a random "dissing Bloom" quotation.

“Poets, by the time they have grown strong, do not read the poetry of X, for really strong poets can read only themselves.” ---Harold Bloom.

"first he thinks hes part of a great tradition he's not second he thinks hes a critic of poetry he’s not and then he thinks he knows what the world of poetry consists of but he doesn’t” --David Antin, on Harold Bloom.

Oooh, controversy! (The views of David Antin do not reflect the views of any given Persons beyond himself, whether those Persons are of Consequence or otherwise.)


Anonymous said...

Everyone should mock Harold Bloom from time to time.

Person of Consequence said...

Definitely. Hell, he was the one that said "attacking one's precursors" was the first step to being a great artist.