Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cadbury Creme must be EARNED

I've read a hundred pages of First Person: New Media as Story, Performance, and Game today. If that name sounds familiar, it's because I reviewed it for the first time here. It's less than a year ago, but it's amazing how much more nuanced my reading is now with the advantage of four months of multimedia reading. To be honest, I'm starting to loathe the anthologies on my comp list--they're all very large texts that require a lot of mental energy to read, because each essay, even in tightly strung books, requires a mental shift in gears. In longer works, you can let things flow a little. For the morbidly curious, today's readings include applying the Foucauldian institutional subject to schizophrenic AI design, applying emergent and embedded narratives into game architecture, mapping event time and play time in game design, applying emergent narratives to MMORPGs and the Sims, reconstructing interactivity to better fit with the definition of meaningful play, turning hypertext into game, designing oscillating image-texts, applying schema for immersion and engagement, casting linearity as the creative choice over digital, and frankly, even I stopped showing interest about five items ago, so I'll stop the list here.

Have you heard the saying that shopping should never be done on an empty stomach? I would like to add a corollary: shopping should never be done on an overfilled head. I just returned from the store, and my shelves now abound with comfort food: pizza, cola, and discounted Easter candy.

I'm going to watch Glee now and recharge my batteries. 40 days to go. 40 days to go.

Later Days.


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