Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Quotations: Okay, I'll Admit It: I was having trouble finding something

"Writing has always been a spatial activity."
--Espen J. Aarseth, Cybertext.

*UPDATE* I forgot how quotable Aarseth is. Here's some more, as they appear:
"The real difference between paper texts and computer texts is not very clear. Does a difference even exist? Instead of searching for a structural divide, this study begins with the premise that no such essential difference is presumed."

"Theories of literature have a powerful ability to co-opt new fields and fill theoretical vacuums, and in such a process of colonization, where the 'virgin territory' lacks theoretical defense, important perspectives and insights might be lost or at least overlooked. When we invade foreign ground, the least we can do is try to learn the native language and study the local customs."

"Computer programs can be seen as a new type of apostrophes, with the the magical difference that it actually provokes a response."

Later Days.

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