Thursday, July 15, 2010

Friday Quotations: It's How You Play the---

This stretches the definition of a quotation, but as the opening scene of Deus Ex, it's been of my mind of late. I've been making another attempt to play through the game recently, and it's worth playing, despite its age of nearly a decade. (Of course, this is coming from someone who just finished playing through the original Zork text-games last week, the first of which was made before I was born.) It's got more lofty Nitzschean references, moral dilemmas, and truly offensive Asian accents than any "next-gen" game you can name.
And if you can't stand the idea of a game being picked for the lofty position of Quotation of the Week, here's a quotation from a book about a game so big it's God's Number One Pastime:
"I think one of the reasons golf is such an addictive pastime is that, after you've achieved a basic level of proficiency--somewhere around the fifteen handicap zone--you can, to a certain degree, control what happens on the course. Not every shot, no one controls every shot, but you can control a high enough percentage of your shots that you have at least the illusion that you're in charge. It's a small amount of authority, but on certain days that's about a million times more than you have in your married life, or in your work life, or in world politics, is it not? You hit a nine iron stiff from 135 yards and think: All right, I did that. I made that explosive white ball fly 405 feet through the air and stop an arm's length from where I aimed it.

"It's a rather special feeling."
--Golfing with God, by Roland Merullo

*UPDATE*: And here's something we haven't seen in a while:

There and Back Run
Distance: 12 km
Time: 1 hr, 5 min
Speed: 11.1 km/hr

Given that it's 27 C out, with a "feels like" in the 30s, I think that's a respectable time. The runner is back!

Later Days.

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