Thursday, August 12, 2010

Insert Anecdote Here

About 3 weeks ago, circumstances conspired against me to create a defacto suspension of my library card.

Allow me to explain.

I couldn't find my card, and I really wanted the book that had arrived (Robin Hobb's Dragon Keeper, matter of fact), so I instead used a piece of ID--which is fine at the library, they just put a little flag on your file that says you need to present a card next time. However, since we went the ID route, they also took the time to confirm my address. No, I said, not thinking, I've moved since then. Okay then, said the librarian, we'll just need something with your name and address on it for your next check-out.

Problem. See, my current living situation is... complicated. I pay rent to my friends, who pay rent to the person they're subletting from, who pays rent to the landlord. So I'm three steps removed from anything with my actual address. And since I move again at the end of August, that meant it would be at least that long until I could prove I had an actual address, and was not, say, a vagrant homeless person. Thus, a defacto suspension.

Until today. Today, my reimbursement check for the contact lenses I bought in July came. And my first thought on looking at the check was--hey! Something with my address on it! Now I can get my library card. Followed by: oh, hey, 100 bucks. Cool.

It's all a matter of priorities.

(See, they're not ALL 3500 words.)

Later Days.

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