Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Quotations: A Lot of Hot Air

“Secondly, Having explain’d the Nature and Essence of a Fart, I shall next enquire into the ill Consequences of suppressing it, which are almost obvious to ever one’s Experience, for in its Retrogradation it causes Cholick, Hystericks, Rumblings, Belching, Spleen, &c. but in Women of a more firm, strong Consitution, it vents itself intirely in a Talkativeness, hence we have a Reason why Women are more Talkative than Men; for as a certain Poet observes,

Words, own Wind, to be their Mother,
Whichstopt at one End, bursts out at t’other.

Hence comes the usual Saying, tell a Tale, or let a Fart; implying the necessity of vent one way or other.”
--The Benefit of Farting Explain’d: Or, the Fundament-All Cause of the Distempers incident to the FAIR-SEX, Enquired Into, Proving á Posteriori most of the Dis-ordures In-tail’d upon them, are owing to Flatulencies not reasonably vented. Written in Spanish by Don Fartinado Puff-indorst, Professor of Bumbast in the University of Crackow, and Translated into English at the Request and for the Use of the Lady Damp-fart of Her-fart-shire. By Obadiah Fizzle, Groom of the Stool to the Princess of Arsimini in Sardinia.

Thanks to the blogger at diapsalmata for bringing this lost treasure to my attention. It's actually a satirical piece by Jonathan Swift in 1722. The Eighteenth Centurists: Explain to Me Again Why Studying Video Games is Juvenile?

Later Days.

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