Friday, October 8, 2010

Marathon Man

All right, let's face it: we're in a rut. I'm been posting about twice a week, with a book review and a quote of the week. Same old, same old. And frankly, you guys haven't been any better. The only discussion we've had in the last while has been that I should add more animal pictures. And I'm not going to do that, because I'm above that sort of pandering.

(But if you are looking for that sort of pandering, allow me to recommend Did you SEE that baby sloth? So cute! OMG!)

So here's a shake-up--MORE book reviews! No, really, hear me out. It's Thanksgiving Long Weekend, and I just picked out six books--three YA (okay, let's be honest, juvenile/YA) sci-fi books by William Sleator and Monica Hughes, and three Parker books by Richard Stark. Any one could be done in an afternoon, but six--therein lies a challenge. And for further challenge, I'm going to live-blog my thoughts on them as the weekend progresses. And for further further challenge, I'm going to do it starting tonight, the night my roommmates and I are throwing a house party. And for further, further---okay, that's getting old. The other hitch is that my mouse's batteries are at critical, so I'll be doing it keyboard only while those batteries recharge.

Starting off:
2:44 pm, Friday. William Sleator's Boltzmon!. First sentence: "The boltzmon arrived on the night Lulu threw her horrific slumber party."
And so it begins. Already, the questions are spiralling out of control. What's a bolzmon? Who's Lulu? What makes her slumber parties horrific? Are we talking Carrie horrific, or "why did I throw a sleepover on the night of Connie DeLaroca's party?" horrific? Return here throughout the day to find out.

8:12 pm. Drink 4: root beer and citrus-flavored vodka. And P4: sibling rivalry and a computer-based imaginary world called Arteria. Land = virtual = body.

9:02 pm. Drink 5 & 6: the same. And P8: More sibling rivalry, child bullying, Mom/Dad opposition. Sleator, as I recall, is big on the sibling rivalry issue—that your own family can be your worst enemies. It’s a usual enough themes with unruly parents, but it’s less tapped when it comes to siblings. (Counter point: see Stephen King’s Dark Tower series (the junkie’s brother, book 2 or 3) and Ender/Peter in Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game.)

9:15 pm. Still on Drink 6. But someone at the party pointed out that, since I was typing everything into a Word document (on account of the mouse being inaccessible), I wasn't really live blogging. So I'm alternating my batteries between the keyboard and the mouse to type this. Which is really, really difficult by Drink 6. Please appreciate my hand-eye coordination.

10:00 pm. Delivered house tour to the basement.

10:21 pm. Party goer complains that I'm blogging about the books and not the party. Spend 5 minutes downloading Sookie Stackhouse books onto another computer. THUS PROVING THE COUNTERPOINT.

11:00 pm. Drinks 7-9. You know what; we're going to stop keeping track of those.

11:21 pm. P 9: Narrator describes earliest memory of his sister. Interesting that his earliest memory is of the sister; it suggests a rivalry far larger than the point at hand. Party is discussing failed pick-up attempts. And they try to steal my book. Multitask fail.

12:14 am. Dear person of sufficient consequence to address.... please note that blogging during parties can often lead to drunk postings. Also I type remarkalby well for being a wino xo

also remarkably is spelled as it is listed in this sentence not the former, the former should not be attributed to the listed blogger. Also, the listed blogger does not approve of signing with hugs and kisses. Just FYI cyberland.
PoC is Awesome. With a capitol 'A'.

Later Days.

12:29 am. The previous post was entered at 12:23.

12:29 am. Hello world. I have nothing to blog. Why am I writing this? Where am I? Who ARE YOU?

12:31 am. P.S. According to Shrek lady, drinking is OK. As long as it leads to fun.

12:35 am. P.P.S. Correction: she actually said "HIYA!"

12:40 am. D and S, epic fight, and then epic fight led to giggles about bach. And then hilarity, oh the hilarity and the AMAZING who can stand it?

12:51 am. Original Blogger takes over. What, exactly, do you do to a blog that takes over every window, and minimizes the time stamp? And why would you move said blogger's statuette of The Watcher? So many questions we may never answer. Ahem: P12-13. It makes a nice counter argument to the movie "The Social Network": this is, essentially, the defensive case by Zuckerberg. What does it mean for a gifted sibling to be thoroughly trounced by the elder sister? Where is the line between intellectual and elder? And where the hell did those girls put my drink? (The last may not be rhetorical.)

12:55 am. There's cake on the floor.

time: unkown:
me am important. me am. alive. think. me person. of consciousness...

2:53 am. Original blogger. Ch 2. There's not a lot of difference at this at this point; just sandwich in some more of the sibling rivalry.

Also, poop balls magee. Listen, I understand that this blog is the place to go for intellectual stimulation. But look, if you're out for entertainment (of the poop joke and largely misogynistic type, you should check out



Well done, everyone. Later Days.

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