Thursday, April 21, 2011

So I Says to Mabel, I Says...

I'm playing this game of online Scrabble. It's going pretty good for me. Eventually, I get this letter combination: m-a-t-u-n-i-e. A mental lightning bolt goes through me, and I realize I have the perfect word: minutae, the plural of minuta, a small, insignificant thing. A seven letter 50 pointer--not too shabby. Scrabble, however, will not accept either variations. A google search shows that the word I'm thinking of is actually minutia and minutiae, the latter of which, with all the best intentions in the world, cannot be spelled with seven scrabble tiles. Further, I realize that the addition of the second i letter means the hard "t" I've been putting in the word is actually an "sh" sound. So not only is my winning word play shattered, I've been mispronouncing this word my entire life. And then I lay an inferior, exceptionally subpar word, and suddenly I'm looking at nothing but vowels in my rack. What the hell can you spell with 3 Us?


Later Days.

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