Wednesday, May 11, 2011

*Head Implodes*

Remember last week's discussion of Lost Odyssey? Remember how I talked about how difficult all the work I was doing, but how it was all worth it because it was necessary to get a real sense of the game itself and blah blah blah blah blah? Remember especially how I was transcribing all the text-based dreams, and that this task was taking me weeks, with hours spent on a single dream/short story?

Well, today, at a quarter to 3 am, I found a website with all the dreams already transcribed: Or, to put it differently, the first site that comes up when you search "Lost Odyssey Transcript" on Google. The resultant cursing didn't quite rattle the windows and shake the foundations of my rented home. But it feels like it should have.

Granted, it doesn't do all the work for me--it's just a text, without the visual or audio effects, which are big parts of my interest. But it's a hell of a lot faster to insert the effects when necessary than to try and type out every damn thing. Good gravy, I had 86 typed pages of notes before I realized I had other options.

The most annoying part is that when I first looked for these transcripts, waaay back in 2008, this wiki didn't exist--or at least, didn't exist with these pages (at least, I think that was the case.) But there was no reason for me not to do a more thorough search now. Bad digital scholar! Bad!

I'd like to say that the whole exercise was at least good for my soul. But even that's kind of depressing. So rather than dwell on the past, let's swear once more for the road, chalk it all up to a learning experience, and move on with the rest of the game. Just move on.

Dear God, let me move on.

Later Days.

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