Monday, May 23, 2011

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Blog: Ottawa Trip, Part 1

And so I return from the sojourn out... east, I'm going to say, shaky knowledge of Canadian geography firmly at the fore. East, and north. I'm back from a conference in Ottawa, and it might have been the most successful conference I've attended to date. The paper went well, the sessions generated both good connections and good conversations, and I've got some future to links to develop based on that. And there was some nice personal stuff too: I got to spend time with two different friends that I haven't seen in a while, and explore a new town, which is also interesting--you don't realize how spatially attuned you are to your surroundings until you're not. Even the ride up was a good chance to get to know a third friend better, and to examine the "Book-on-Tape" in its native element. I'd love to talk about any of these things--but I don't want to talk about all of them. So take your pick readers: fun with friends, Ottawa exploration, conference video game stuff, or road trip. Whaddaya want to hear about? My voice is ready to give word.

Figuratively ready. After the combination of Thursday's rough start, Friday's cat hair shock, and Saturday's Karaoke, I've pretty much lost my voice for the time being--after the paper, thankfully, but only a few hours after. So if anyone wants to hear me talk about the trip, the blog'll be the best place--face-to-face conversations will have to operate on pantomime for the immediate future.

Later Days.

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