Wednesday, September 14, 2011

High Octane Nightmare Fuel

At least, I think that's the technical term for it according to I was perusing a list of the weirdest videogame endings today, and one of the five endings of the videogame Drakengard made the list. I watched it, and, well, I can't unwatch it. It's not that it's scary, per se, it's just so... disturbing. It's creepy. Really creepy. I think it's the constant gurgling that pushes it over the edge. I'll post it below, but don't watch it unless you're really sure you want to.

You were warned.

I think that I want to track down the game now, just to check whether it's as disturbing in context as it in isolation.

As for what I found disturbing, I think that's pretty obvious. And for once, I think we can turn to Freud as for why: we've got the oral stage gone wrong, mixed with a heavy, heavy dose of the uncanny, because of their proportions if nothing else.

I was so momentarily disturbed by this that I skipped out on going to see Allen's Midnight in Paris; it wasn't until I read a few chapters of the graphic novel Phonogram that I started to feel normal again. So to sum up, I was so disturbed by one type of media that I avoided another type of media, then recuperated with a third type of media and summarized the whole thing on a fourth type of media. That doesn't mean anything, but at least when you're focusing on that sentence, you're not thinking about those things' giant teeth.


Later Days.

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