Thursday, January 12, 2012

Videogame Cosplay: Easy Post Topic, or Lazy Post Topic?

Can't it be both? Let's continue where we left off with yesterday's list.

I tried to look up cosplay instances for the videogame Centipede, but all I got was Human Centipede cosplay. ...I would recommend not looking up centipede cosplay. Ever.

Missile Command doesn't have cosplay, but it does have this nifty skirt--which is, frankly, better graphics than the actual game:

I'm pretty sure that the guy in this costume didn't have "Oscar's Trash Race" in mind when he donned it, but I am not picky. It counts.

(The manual for "Oscar's Trash Race," incidentally, is streets ahead of any other for the Atari that I've looked at. Its user-friendly, kid-friendly approach makes it much different from virtually all other contenders. Plus, the second half is a straight up coloring book.)

There's actually a fair bit of cosplay out there for Pac-Man, but I went with this image, just because the ghosts seemed like they were having fun.

Here's something worth seeing. Or at least something you'll never forget. In honor of the 1982 Atari game Raiders of the Lost Ark, here's someone cosplaying the face-melting scene. Oh, and, um, spoiler alert.

Next: Wile E. Coyote cosplay, in tribute to the Road Runner game. No Road Runner cosplay, though. The absence of Road Runner probably increases Coyote's quality of life.

...That's enough for now.
Later days.

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