Thursday, January 12, 2012

Videogame Cosplay: More than Just Boobs

It's past midnight, and I'm doing real, honest-to-gosh work for once, so while I read game instruction manuals made before I was born, I thought I'd scour the Net for cosplay images related to the game I was looking at. For the unaware, cosplay is a portmanteau for costume play, and in this case, notes dressing up as a videogame character (though it could just as easily be an anime, comic book, or TV character). Let's kick it off with some of the bizarre:

These people are dressed up as characters from Joust, the 1983 game wherein two knights astride ostriches joust at each other, and other things, because... well, you can't just let those buzzard riders win.

I'm pretty sure people already know who these two are, although the Mario Bros. Atari manual manages to mess it up, by referring to Mario as a carpenter who fixes pipes.

That's it for now. Apparently, the Atari game Millipede doesn't have cosplay, which is probably for the better.

Later Days.

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