Thursday, February 16, 2012

Biblophile: Enough Canadiana to Bury You Alive Pt IV

*NOTE* Parts 2 and 3 *ARE* done, they're just further down, since I forgot to modify the posting date from when the drafts were originally composed. So if you're really interested in them, do a quick search of the bibliophile tag.

They said it was mad. They said it couldn't be done. They said it impossible. Well, they said it was a waste of time. And come to think of it, they were probably right. Welcome, to part IV of this massive edition of Bibliophile, wherein I comment on the last 4000 new books my library received this week. We've got 12 000 down already, so this should be easy...right?

Not so much, because the literature part is over, which means we're knee deep in the most dreaded of all subjects, Canadian expenditures in science, which combines at least three topics I know nothing about.

Systems thinkers [electronic resource] / Magnus Ramage, Karen Shipp. London : Springer, c2009.
Noted because I thought the first author's name, originally, was Magnus Rampage, which would clearly have been the greatest name ever.

The long trudge continues. We have the QCs, and math.
Quantum physics for poets / Leon M. Lederman, Christopher T. Hill. Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, 2011.
My roommate: You should just "No" next to the title.
And I did.

And we get some of the same categories as before, but with emphasis on their scientific aspect rather than their economies: energy, environmental conservation. Cellular biology. Wildlife conversation (Canadian elk populations, and so forth). Medical issues. ...And this is where I admitted defeat. The discussion of healthcare did what 12 000 entries didn't: I skipped ahead, past the endless discussions of waiting lists and home care. Am I proud? No. But I am going to bed before midnight, and really, that's all I ever wanted.

Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon Coloring Book. Oakland PM Press 2010

There. I'm done. I hope everyone's enjoyed the journey. As for me, I've learned nothing.

Later Days.

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