Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Quotations: It's Funny Because They're Not From Around Here

Volstagg.  I noticed you and the serving wench were getting along verrrrrrrry nicely, Fandral.
Fandral.  Oh, Becky?  Yes, a charming girl.  I suspect she may be a witch.
Volstagg.  A witch?
Fandral.  She attempted to place a curse upon me by making strange marks on a piece of paper and slipping it into my pocket.  Fortunately, I spotted the ruse and burned it in time.

The key to the comedy here is to imagine the immensely fat Volstagg leering hugely as he draws out "verrrrry."  Taken from Thor: The Mighty Avenger vol 1, in which the Asgardian god Thor meets up with a bunch of his buddies to go to a pub night in Britain.  It also contains the best mockery of secret identities I've seen in a while: "Do you think you should check on him?  He has been in the loo a long time, no?" "Mmm?  No, it's okay.  He's Captain Britain.  He thinks his friends don't know, but he's terrible at keeping it a secret.  So we pretend we don't notice.  Another one?"
Thor: The Mighty Avenger was written by Roger Langridge (who also did phenomenal work on the comic book version of the Muppets) and drawn by Chris Samnee. The series was cancelled after eight issues, because people like you and me don't appreciate nice things while they're here.  Well, we'll always have Dunkirk.

Later Days.

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