Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Random Quotation: Don't Take the Train.

"On a summer day in Brooklyn, the sun doesn’t go down ‘til 9 PM. You’d be forgiven for letting entire lazy, hazy days pass without eating much besides two single-serving tubs of Marino’s Italian Ice -- which is basically what you did today. It’s now 9:30 PM, and the sudden fist of hunger angrily plunges itself into your gut, so you and Jarvis decide on getting some cheap sandwiches nearby the subway station." --"SAVE MERLIN THE PIG!", Leigh Alexander.

Following the link above will take you to Leigh Alexander's inklewriter project.  It's a short little CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure, for those not savvy in Interactive Fiction-speak) in which the reader plays the role of, essentially, a hipster in New York who has a crisis of conscience about their next meal.  It's well-written, and lightly satirical, pointing to a moral message without overselling it.  And even if you're not interested in any of that, you should still read it, because Leigh Alexander is a really good game journalist.  (And yes, I am saying that you should consume any product created by good game journalists.  I call the Keiron Gillen principle.  Who writes some amazing comics, BTW.)

Later Days.

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