Friday, October 19, 2012

Note to self: Remember this, dummy.

I know this is a topic I come back to on a vaguely regular basis, but that's because it's something I do on a vaguely regular basis.  I just came back from 10 k run, and I feel utterly relaxed.  And that's something worth remembering about running, for me: it's good for me, mentally and physically.  Granted, I've become a very picky runner.  Not in terms of clothes or footware, but conditions.  Raining?  Gonna be a bad run.  In the morning before my ablutions?  Gonna be a bad run.  (Also, my feet will start cramping, because that's what my body does in the morning.)  Too hot?  Bad run.  Too much going on?  Bad run.  But when the stars align... it's great.  Simply great.

Later Days.

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