Friday, May 24, 2013

Stuff What Happened to Me

Today it's a 10:30 pm post, rather than 11:30, so... that's something, I guess.

One the problems with keeping a blog for five years is that, eventually, the story well gets a little dry. Especially if you're like me, and specialize more in watching other people's stories than making your own. What I'm saying is that I don't have a lot to talk about today. Hmmm....

 I went to a department meeting, but I can't talk about that, for confidentiality and professional reasons.

 I ate two peanut butter muffins, which is a pinnacle of gluttony and perfection, but there's not a lot else to be said about that. I had a stomach ache later, which was probably well-deserved.

 I tried out a new pedometer app on my phone. I've tried out pedometer devices before, but I've always found them disappointing, largely because the distance it says I've traveled is invariably less than the distance Google maps said I traveled, and the resulting mental downgrading is devastating to my running ego. This one worked well enough, in that it was actually spurring me on rather than depressing me.  I really wanted to do a run that it said was 5 km, rather than the run Google routing had set out. Sadly, I kept checking my progress, rather than locking the phone. That meant I kept accidentally touching the phone screen with my side as my arms moved up and down, which in turn meant that I hit *just* the right combination to reset my stats 40 minutes into the run. Kind of frustrating. Plus, I've misplaced my headphones (they're in my office, I think?) so it was just me lugging around a paperweight for the whole time.

I like watching videos from my computer on my PS3. Previously, I was using Windows Media Player, which had the sole advantage that it was already installed in my computer. The disadvantages were that it was a pain to get any new files synced up with both the player and the PS3, and that only avi files were automatically picked up--I had to do a cheat to get mp4 files working, and forget about mkv. Now, I've got TVersity, which syncs up much faster, is much easier to add new folders, can apparently stream Internet videos directly, and can play all three file types. So yeah, pretty much a big improvement all around. And I put off installing it for the longest time because I didn't want the hassle of learning to use a new program. There's a moral in there.

Got a little more fodder out of today than I thought I would.  That's nice.

Later Days.

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