Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Quotations: What, what are we doing?

Sadly, the Planescape Papers hasn't quite been the boon for writing that I hoped it would be. But come on, you got 2000 words yesterday. And I'm turning 30 this weekend. I'm allowed to rest on my laurels for a little bit.

What are we here for, again?

Oh yeah, the quotation of the week. Here ya go:

"Again the ext. of the house, from a high angle, the lights holding steady for now. Descent is a soundless rush, the wood shakes becoming irregular things with grain, impact imminent, but then, suddenly and without explanation, no more aerial view, no more snow, no more wind. Penetration. We're inside, the octagonal attic window high int he shot serving as orientation. The only thing visible in the dried-velvet darkness is an even breathing, cold white moisture rising once, twice, dollied toward, positioned on the screen so that there would be room above the implied mouth for eyes, if eyes were opened." --Demon Theory, Stephen Graham Jones.

Later Days.

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