Thursday, July 2, 2009

Drag it Out

My plane leaves at 6:00 pm tomorrow. I've still got a few difficulties, flightwise.
First: The pass. I'd like to print out the boarding pass ahead of time. Boarding passes can only be printed 24 hours before the flight. I don't own a printer. I don't want to make a trip to the university tomorrow. So: it's 5:18, and I'm staying here at the university until I can print off the pass. And I've got some time to kill, so here's a blog post.

Second: The ride. I'm still short a ride to the airport. If worst comes to worst, I'll take a cab and secretly add it to the total cost of the flight, which my folks are paying. Oh, right. They're in the audience. Hi folks!

Third: The suit. I like to wear the suit for presentations. I feel like it gives me an edge. So it's been at the university for a few weeks now. Clearly, it needs to be taken back home to put into my luggage. The problem is, transporting the suit isn't a one-done affair. Given the difficulty of biking while carrying clotheshangers, it needs to be brought up in pieces. Unfortunately, multiple trips don't work when it's the day before you leave, so I went with plan B: I can carry it in one go if I walk instead of bike. But THAT plan depended on it not raining. Which it is. A lot. So we go with plan C. Plan C means wearing my rain ensemble (water-proof jacket and lined splash pants) overtop of my suit.Which I'm also wearing. As you'd imagine, it's kind of warm. I also had to tuck the tail of the coat into my pants. And if you think this is funny, think about the alternative: walking around in splash pants with a suit tail hanging out. Damned if you do... etc.

I had my second presentation today. I already got the mark back from the first one, and it was really good. The second... ugh. I felt really good about it while writing it, but it really could have used some more editing. It's done, I guess. In a way, it's too bad. I really took full advantage of those presentations to distract me. And with them not there... Sigh.

Under the circumstances, I'm not terribly looking forward to the trip home. But it needs to happen. I'll post again when I get back.

(And that took about 15 minutes. So I still have a half hour to kill...)

Later Days.

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