Friday, July 10, 2009


It's that time again. What time, you may ask? Time to reset my wonderful stat counter, as the poor thing can only store 500 logs at a time. I usually reset around 400 or so, and this is the third time, so that means my dear little blog has received somewhere in the market of 1200 hits. And only about half of those are mine!

But before I wipe the slate clean again, I thought it would be worth everyone's time to post, for the record, the most interesting part of those records, namely, the convoluted, twisted, downright obscene, search words that lead a disturbingly sizeable portion of my viewers to this post.

So without further ado,

"caught naked" Nashville
"Chuck The Ring" Brooklyn
"who's putting the condom" Pearland, Texas
"lulu divine" Nalbach, Germany
"spying on my sister and her boyfriend" Biggleswade, United Kingdom
"chuck bone" East Lansing, Michigan
"playing doctor with sister" Bloomsbourg, Pennsylvania
"james bond" Rajahmahendri, India
"hot sci fi girls" Tehran, Iran
"most romantic scenes" Kot Malik, Pakistan
"dicks in bums" Melbourne, Australia
"handjob in restaurant" Fort Collins, Colorado
"kid cant find bathroom" Lubbock, Texas
"hot" Paris, France
"hot scene in bathroom" Muscat, Oman
"hot doctor scene" Tehran, Iran
"chuck and sarah spoiler" San Diego, California
"spy my hot sister" Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
"james bond hot scenes" Madras, India
"Quantam Leap" Hackleburg, Austria
"chuck and sarah" Porte Algre, Brazil
"guys putting on a condom" Saint Joseph, Minnesota
"gossip girl bedroom" Arak, Iran
"putting condom on your boyfriend" London, UK
"hot scene in bathroom" Aurangabad, India
"childrensex" Ardebil, Iran
"girl putting condom on guy" Starkville, Mississippi
"sexy girl" Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I think if Chuck actually HAD that many viewers, it wouldn't have been in danger of being canceled last season. (Don't worry, though. It's coming back.) And, judging on the traffic, can you imagine how popular this site would be if I actually TRIED to attract the porn audience?

For sheer interest sake, there are other popular pages too. The Fallout review receives regular hits, and the new Beagle book received a fair bit of attention when it was first out. The comic book pages also generated a number of hits, which makes me question why I stopped doing them. I'll leave the stats up for another 24 hours, just so you can all see the numerical glory for yourself.

Later Days.

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