Friday, November 13, 2009

Quotation and Updates

"I know about two things: War, and stories. Every story is about resolving conflict. If you engage in the conflict, it's because you want the story to continue. The narrative still has you. It takes two to tango, and that's a dance that never ends." Jacob, from Television Without Pity, describing an episode of Gossip Girl.

I actually wanted to use a Montaigne quotation today, but I don't have the book with me, so this is what you get.

--exactly two weeks till comps. (Okay, less. This time in two weeks, it'll be over.) My nervous energy at this moment could power several metropolises.
--In the near future, I'll be doing Atlanta anecdotes, a new stat flipping/internet searches leading to me report, and a 200th post.
--Speaking of internet searches, how awesome is it that the search on the URL for the humbug bistro blog leads to me instead of her?

Later Days.

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