Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Quotations: I wanted the quotation about never travelling too far from love, else you risk losing citizenship in the country of your birth...

...and then you get stuck in the airport, and have exchange all your money just to get something from the Cinnabun. Or something. Like I said, I couldn't find that quotation. But here's the next best thing from Michael Cunningham'sThe Hours:
"Richard cannot imagine a life more interesting or worthwhile than those being lived by his acquaintances and himself, and for that reason, one often feels exalted, expanded in his presence. He is not one of those egoists who miniaturizes others. He is the opposite kind of egotist, driven by grandiosity rather than greed, and if he insists on a version of you that is funnier, stranger,more eccentric and profound than you suspect yourself to be--capable of doing more good and more harm in the world than you've ever imagined--iot is all but impossible not believe, at least in his presence and for a while after you've left him, that he alone sees through to your essence, weighs your true qualities (not all of which are necessarily flattering--a certain clumsy, childish rudeness is part of his style), and appreciates you more fully than anyone else ever has. It is only after knowing him for some time that you begin to realize you are, to him, an essentially fictional character, one he has invested with nearly limitless capacities for tragedy and comedy not because that is your true nature, but because he, Richard, needs to live in a world peopled by extreme and commanding figures. Some have ended their relations with him rather than continue as figures in the epic poem he is always composing inside his head, the story of his life and passions; but others (Clarissa among them) enjoy the sense of hyperbole he brings to their lives, have even come to depend on it, the way they depend on coffee to wake them up in the morning and a drink or two to send them off at night."

Don't we all know a Dick like that?

Yeah, I ruined the mood there. I ruin things.

Later Days.

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