Monday, February 15, 2010

I blame Cupid. Lousy heathen bastard.

How did you spend your Valentine's Day? I spent mine with my single male friends from the English department. We got together, had a few drinks, and watched the X-Men cartoon show from the 90s. And I couldn't think of anyone I'd have rather spent it with.

Seriously, I couldn't think of anyone. And I tried, for, like, an hour. At least from the conclusion of the Dark Phoenix Trilogy to the Return of the Juggernaut. Clearly, I need to meet some new women.

Later Days.

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Alex R said...

Hello! Sorry for the off-topic comment, but I wanted to thank you for the insightful comment you left on my Mass Effect post over at GameCritics. Also, I was wondering if the paper you mentioned that you wrote happened to be online? I would love to read it! And secondly, I just finished ME2 and am planning on writing about the gender and sexuality issues again, this time with my friend and co-blogger, Denis, at The Border House. There is a lot to cover ;D
Thanks for reading, and for the kind words!