Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Blehs

Behold, a rationalization so powerful, so great, so magnificent in its shear effrontery that it will shake the very heavens to the ground!

Which is a pseudo-poetic way of saying I'm going to skip going for a run today--as I did yesterday. My reason? Well, it's 3 degrees, raining, and windy. I'm okay with running when it's snowing out, provided the sidewalks are neither slippery as death or buried under three feet. But rainy and cold? There's not a lot you can do. Can't take the iPod, 'cause electronics don't do so good in precipitation. Can't bundle up in warm clothes, 'cause by the end of the run, they'll be soggy clothes, which is worse than being cold in the first place. Can't do the university gym, 'cause that place is full to the rafters on a Sunday. And so, I'm left in a Catch 22--either I feel bad while running, or I feel bad for skipping running.

My solution? Put on a pot of tea, work through an extended version of the other exercise items (curls, weight-lifting, push-ups) to compensate, and mark some papers while watching reruns of So You Think You Can Dance, Australian Edition. 'Cause if you can't exercise yourself, you might as well watch someone else do it.

My plans to stay home were compromised by my decision to spend the time grading students' papers. It's a scientific fact that any act, no matter how exhausting, miserable, or seditious, is preferable to grading students' papers. So I went for the run--it was to the fourth closest primary school to my apartment, and back. See, I split the difference: I went for the run, but I made it very short. It took... about 24 minutes, and covered about 4.2 km. So yeah, about the usual speed. It was wet and miserable, and now I feel guilty about putting off my comp reading instead of feeling guilty about not running.
Because at the end of the day, the only thing you can't outrun...
is yourself.
And cars. And trains. Probably bikes. In general, most artificial modes of transportation. Also fast animals, and natural phenomena.
Later Days.


Ryan said...

I find watching The Biggest Loser while eating a pizza and drinking a lot makes me feel incredibly active.

Person of Consequence said...

Eating jujubes while watching SYTYCD achieves a similar state.